Board Member

It is very helpful to have a board of directors of talented and experienced individuals who are a resource looking out for you and your business. As a Grand Rapids small business lawyer and former business executive, I love to share my breath of knowledge and experience with small businesses serving as a member of the board of directors. It’s not often that a board member can wear three hats: (1) attorney; (2) CFO; and (3) business executive. So, for the price of one person, you have three people attending your meeting. Not a bad deal!

I have been the chairman of three boards of directors: (1) a residential mortgage broker; (2) an energy drink distribution company; and (3) a church. I was responsible for putting together the agenda and the materials to be covered. I love to facilitate discussion to capture the full “intelligence” of the entire board of directors. I have the ability to keep the team on track (sometimes a little difficult from running down bunny trails) and making sure that the key decision points are discussed and agreed upon.

So, I can provide the following:

  1. Board member
  2. Chairman of the Board
  3. Putting together a board of directors

If I can be of service, call me.


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