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Healthcare Advocate Directives Attorney in Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Healthcare Advocate & Directives part of your estate plan allows you to address what you want to happen if you are unable you make your own healthcare decisions. It becomes effective when it is determined that you are unable to participate in your medical treatment decisions. As a Grand Rapids estate planning lawyer, I can help you design your Healthcare Advocate and Directives for your situation by addressing the following:

Patient Advocate – you will nominate the person(s) you would like to make medical decisions for you if you are unable to make them. This person(s) is called your Patient Advocate. He/she must accept this role by signing your Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare.

Authority Granted – you will list the specific authority you are giving your Patient Advocate.

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Living Desires – you will list how you would like to live – such as: (a) where you would like to live; (b) what social activity you would like; (c) religious/spiritual desires; and (d) other desires you have.

Care Directives – you will specify what kind of care you would like – such as: (a) pain relief; (b) nutrition & hydration; (c) end of life decision; and (d) other desires you have.

Disposition of your Body – you will specify: (a) whether or not you wish to donate your organs for transplant or research purposes; (b) whether or not you wish to allow an autopsy; (c) how you would like your remains disposed of (burial or cremation, etc.); and (d) other desires you have.

Funeral – you will specify your desires for your funeral.