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Probate Law Attorney in Grand Rapids, Michigan

If a loved one dies with or without a will, their estate will have to go through probate court proceedings, where all kinds of challenges and obstacles can arise. The executor of the estate named in the will or by the court may not be able to handle everything. Legal counsel is your best safeguard.

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L. Allen Heneveld

Attorney at Law

I bring multiple layers of experience to my work as your attorney, with not only a law degree but also an MBA, CPA, and 12 years as a C-Suite business executive. There are very few legal challenges I have not personally faced or dealt with.

In probate proceedings, wills can be challenged, disgruntled heirs can create waves, creditors can make unreasonable demands, and estate executors may not live up to the task. I can provide the counsel you need to expedite a resolution.

Attorney L. Allen Heneveld

Do You Need a Probate Attorney?

In probate challenges, the answer is definitely yes.

Executors of estates often lack the background to understand the requirements of the probate process, and family members suffer as a result. I can walk everyone through the process and help resolve any disputes, challenges, or executor missteps.

The Probate Process: What Is Required

  • A pen signing a document

    The Deceased’s Estate is Surveyed & Collected

    The executor must survey the deceased’s estate and separate joint property from solely-held property in preparation for paying off creditors and distributing assets to heirs of the estate.

  • Documents and a calculator

    Outstanding Debts and Taxes are Honored

    The executor must sell off or use estate cash assets to honor all obligations of the deceased — including creditor claims and tax liabilities — and also collect debts owed to the deceased.

  • Scales

    Remaining Assets are Distributed to Heirs

    After all obligations are met, the executor must award remaining assets to heirs named in the deceased’s will, or if there is no will, according to Michigan state intestacy heirship laws.

Let Me Guide You Through the Probate Process

Put Your Faith in a Skilled Attorney

Dedicated Guidance

The probate process can be long, costly, and confusing. Having an experienced attorney by your side will provide you with the insight and assistance you need at every step.

Personalized Solutions

I know that no two clients or cases are exactly alike. I will give you and your situation the individual attention and guidance you deserve as you seek a favorable result.

Clear Communication

I make it my priority to be available and accessible to explain all of your options, answer your questions, and keep you updated through every stage of the probate process.

Let’s Work Together for a Smooth Probate Process

Probate can take months or more, depending on the size of the estate and whether any challenges are mounted. The named executor, usually a family member or close friend, also may lack the required skills to meet every goal and challenge. I will guide both the family and the executor as they move toward a resolution.