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I love small business. As a Grand Rapids small business lawyer, I love working with entrepreneurs (and I have worked with a lot of them). I have been involved with small businesses since I was a junior at Hope College and was a part-time accountant for a small construction company in Grand Rapids. It has always been a joy helping small businesses grow and succeed. As an attorney, I can help you in the following areas (and probably some that I have left off the list);

Business Entities

I can help you determine what entity is best for you – then create the entity – then help you follow the formalities to keep it in good standing – and finally help you do what needs to be done so it accomplishes its purpose. This can include:

  1. Limited Liability Companies: single member LLC, multiple member LLC and professional LLC’s.
  2. Corporations (for profit): both S corporations, C corporations and Professional corporations.
  3. Non-Profit Corporations: 501(c)(3), public charitable organizations, private foundations. I help you create them and obtain IRS tax exempt recognition.
  4. Partnerships: general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships.
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Business Start-Up

I love working with entrepreneurs in the start-up phase. I can help you with the following:

  1. Registrations, Licenses & Permits: required for: (i) the employees you employ; (ii) the services you provide, (iii) the goods you sell; (iv) where you operate; and (v) etc.
  2. Employees: employment contracts, personnel manuals/handbooks and required documentation for new employees.
  3. Sales: sales terms & conditions, salesperson contracts, sales representative contracts, distribution agreements, franchise agreements.
  4. Production/Service: purchase order terms & conditions, independent contractor agreements, consulting agreements, equipment purchase/lease agreements, and review of vendor contracts.
  5. Facilities: facility leases.
  6. Insurance: help you determine your needs and refer you to reputable insurance brokers.
  7. Ownership: develop buy-sell agreements to keep ownership “in-house”.
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Business Expansion

So, the business is growing – great! As a Grand Rapids small business attorney and former business executive, I can help you with:

  1. Raising Capital: through (i) sale of equity such as the sale of stock, LLC memberships or partnership interests; (ii) debt financing offered by banks and other financing institutions; and (iii) strategic investors/partners for a joint venture.
  2. Leasing: lease agreements to acquire fixed assets (equipment, building space, etc.).
  3. Acquisitions: purchase of business, purchase of assets, and merger.
  4. Operational: see Business Start-Up above.
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Business Sale/Transfer

So, it’s time to cash in on all your hard work. I can help with:

  1. Sale of Business: through a sale of stock or majority of your assets; options to purchase.
  2. Succession planning: do you prefer to keep the business “in the family” (either literally or meaning your company family) then there are several ways to do that.
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Business Dispute Resolution

Disputes arise occasionally – it’s just part of doing business in a “fallen and broken” world. I can help:

  1. Keeping the peace among co-owners: I have extensive experience “keeping the peace” among co-owners.
  2. Customers, vendors, etc.: I can help resolve disputes by: (i) putting pressure on the other party to seriously address the situation; (ii) helping to negotiate a settlement; and (iii) drafting settlement agreements.
  3. Think outside the Box: I like to think that I have an ability to “think outside the box” to find a win-win solution for all parties.
  4. Litigation Support. If you have to go to court, I can help you prepare for trial (and hook you up with a good litigator).
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Board Member

Finally, as a Grand Rapids small business attorney and former business executive, I enjoy serving as a trusted board member for small businesses. I wear three hats: (a) Attorney; (b) Chief Financial Officer; and (c) Business Executive. It’s not often you get three for the price of one!
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