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Allen is my kind of attorney because he understands business and people. He helps me define the proper approach to complex situations, and/or relationships which ultimately reduces legal costs. Allen is a person of high integrity and a strong work ethic. I highly recommend his services!

- Bob Schubert

I formed a corporation nearly 20 years ago, had its taxes done, consulted on legal affairs, Trademarked a product line, and set up my accounting software all with the flawless advice and services of Allen Heneveld. I couldn't have done it without going to several different sources, so this was not only a godsend to have his help, it was quick and efficient in all aspects. Allen has had his hand in so many parts of the law and business, you couldn't ask him something he hasn't already done or is able to quickly navigate through to a great solution for you and your business!

- Brian Goodwin

Allen assisted me with the sale of our business. He was diligent and carefully looked after my interests in the transaction. He went out of the way to accommodate our needs and also to be upfront and fair with his fees. I would certainly use his services in the future.

- John Jameson

Allen was kind enough to help me in 2005 to get my fist corporation started and has continued to be wise counsel for my business partner and myself throughout our 13 years in business. I've known he and his family personally and can say with all sincerity that there is no one I'd rather have in my corner with complicated and difficult legal matters than Allen. His experience and counsel have been invaluable to us over the years.

- David F.

LAH is an excellent legal service with focused attention to client needs, great counsel, quick turns on documents and outstanding value. Strong recommend.

- David V.

Allen helped me startup my new LLC company and helped me get registered with the state and find a high quality business insurance company. He also assisted in writing up a contract document to use with my 1st client that ensured my back was covered, and which came in useful as it turns out! He provided requested documents in a timely fashion and provided sage suggestions on how to proceed. I strongly recommend Allen Heneveld for all small business legal assistance.

- William B.

Allen is both very approachable and professional. Used him both for estate planning and business shares transfer. I would highly recommend his business and legal acumen.

- Jerry Broersma

Heneveld was extremely knowledgeable, professional and he responded quickly to all of my emails and phone calls. He was able to explain the legal process to me in terms I could understand and... no matter how out of line the opposing counsel was with him, he never lost his cool.

- Bryan McCann

We have been using Allen for about a year now and he's been an excellent help in many aspects of business, both as a CPA as well as an Attorney. He's been there when we've needed him and gotten us up to date with both Fed and State tax issues, even going back a year to review last year's taxes and found additional refunds. We look forward to a continued relationship. Thanks Allen!

- Steve B.

I have used LAH for the following and plan to continue: -Professionally LLC, collections, Patent issues -Personally Trust/Will Handicapped sons Special needs Trust, Probate Court, Social Security

- Don R.

Allen Heneveld is one of the best! His skill, character and ability are unmatched. Take it from me, Allen is you guy!

- Jeff C.

Recently, Allen participated in strategic planning sessions for Network 20 International, which is dedicated to discipling men in their 20s. As always, his input was full of godly wisdom and insight. Also, Allen's advice is always practical! I appreciate that!

- Gary W.

I've known Allen Heneveld for over 20 years in a professional capacity as attorneys in several different arenas: Litigation as attorneys in several high-stake matters, his professional advice and work in the development of a nonprofit entity in Colorado and his willingness to be creative, innovative and hard-working in regard to new business endeavors. I highly value his advice, viewpoint and expertise--and he has been extremely helpful and selfless for both my client and my benefit.

- Robert A.